255 Flat – elegant and beautiful

255 Flat, with a unique and attractive look, contains contanier units housed in Oak lacquered. The width of the units is usually 35.4 in and could be available in various colours ranging from white, grey, brown and red. They are normally gloss lacquered oak stained dark products, with the container units having two doors and three drawers. One of the drawers is large, while other is small and the third is a tray. Bottles can be placed in the tray meant for that.

The Oak lacquered units feature large drawers and comes in many models and colors.You can also customize as your need and you dream.Everything is possible nowadays if you are going to decorate your living room and if you have a budget.I love these units because are finished in oak stained dark with glass painted in white or white marble.Also you can put on top a TV plasma and many media systems if you want to create a multimedia room.

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